I will attempt to refrain from specificity as I am aware complex questions pertaining to the ruling entities of the world are difficult to answer directly. Generally speaking, do you believe there is a hand behind the degeneration we are currently witnessing, or is it something that is occurring organically? Of course, I don't expect the answer to be black and white. Empires rise and fall. Cultures ebb and flow. However, there is a great deal of evidence that seems to suggest the workings of higher manipulative forces, that some greater agenda is at play. As someone with a particular interest in history, I have studied such occurrences and it would not shock me to find that the post-industrial revolution world is even more malleable than previous eras, even with lack of public education (spanning from the beginning of recorded history - ~1800) taken into account. Obviously, the question that would follow logically from this would seek to identify what the purpose of such a subversive agenda is. What do 'they' hope to accomplish, and why?

It would be rather fragmented. Pyramids within pyramids, many within the infrastructure would see themselves and their affiliates as the highest capstone. It is natural that "a hand"/colluding groups would have an agenda when shaping demographics, a cultural decline makes for more susceptible prey. That being said, I would gather that the reach of fiat currency can only extend so far; especially when it is freely generated past a certain threshold, it's somewhat illusory; 2.3 trillion. So I suppose, besides the integral economical matrix, money supplies the trough. And for the New World Order we are already very entrenched into that scenario. I don't think 'education' is a factor for freeing the intellect lately, the word merely infers an institionalized obstacle course of trivia. A mind should be free to gravitate to its own devices and inclinations. There is a lot to say on the subject; "what do 'they' hope to accomplish and why", but my answers would be a regurgitation of the obvious... It really is apparent; given the trajectory of the planet. It's in poor taste to type these things out, my content is a documentation of reasons; as if to say "I was here".

Secondary question: did you cycle Smalltalk and Worldview Warfare (as well as some of your older videos) into other works, or have you removed them entirely? I seem to recall you speaking a lot more, but it was harder to come by when I rewatched your episodes/discs/firmaments on your website (i.e. my favorite speech of yours in episode 14 is not only lacking audio but missing a sizable segment). Again, I respect your right to publish whatever you please, so don't feel like I'm demanding anything from you.

What you've mentioned has been recycled, mostly into episodes, some of the better content was disseminated into the discs. Everything I have on my website is what I make available.

Thank you to the reply to both questions. I had suspected such things simply from viewing your works but I wasn't sure if I was interpreting it along the lines of what you had in mind when you made them. It is difficult to discern the placement of what is being satirized or mocked and what isn't - though I suppose that is part of the beauty. On that note, your more recent episodes seem to contain more abstract, spiritual elements, particularly the intro video on your website, which has some Buddhist/transcendentalist themes in it (at the same time, Christian theology is a commonality in most of your works, though I am unsure of the intention. Perhaps it is to represent tradition). Is there any sincerity to these sentiments, or am I over-analyzing your absurdist style?

There is sincerity; what I create attempts to cater to the spectrum of emotion, it's just more honest that way, otherwise it would come off as baiting. The Christian subtext is a tricky, I've used it with varying reasons. I would not identify with the congregation; the church corporations, but the philosophy of Christ is of great interest to me... The religious narrative has been dissolved into a limp defeatism that serves this relativistic politically correct morality, and ergo tradition is now a rotting corpse, at least in a western sense. Any and all religion posses anthropomorphic concepts, and I'll use whichever deity as a vehicle if it relates. Everything is abstraction, all communication is the transmission of thoughts based on models of perception. We just throw our human syntax at what exists, our spoken/written communication is terribly limited, a great subversion lives beneath all that.

God's dichotomous nature is distributed into many forms and roles, and so the theological pattern seeps into the present; along with their representative institutions. We have our contemporary mythological pantheon (which was initially war propaganda), available via the temple cinema, which is a considerable religious experience. Collect their paraphernalia as a signal of an undying devotion, build a shrine or whatever.

I suppose I utilize the ambiguity of spiritualism that religion inherently possesses; often to an absurdest extent. The absurdest style is the most articulate when approaching the world's situation, because absurd is the nature of reality. I frame "reality" with alternate lenses, something I like to think is more truthful than the normative vantage. You and everyone else will understand what is understood considering my works- whether I deny or confirm intention is irrelevant; like anything else it becomes more intricate with further inspection.

I am pleased to see that my initial observations were not as shortsighted as I had previously thought, but I certainly have a great deal of luxury study to commit to; I am woefully ignorant in regards to spirituality and its related systems. I appreciate the meticulous clarification; while I do not seek to have the underlying intimations explicitly dictated to me, it is wonderfully insightful to be able to glean portions of the animus behind your work. In this regard, your photo art and music (at least, in my eyes) play just as significant a role in illuminating your message as your video works. Your albums transcend merely creating a rhythm that is pleasing to the ear - the music is haunting yet uplifting; a lonely journey of pale sonder leading to a passionate reunion with the soul. Does the inspiration for these songs stem from the same spirit of your videos, or is there a different source (and perhaps objective) in your music?

My music is very much in relation to my video content, it's all rooted in my tastes and intentions, which is really a conjecture of my experiences. The process of creating music gives me a better sense of what I ingest audibly, tuning the brain via the ear, I can hear things better now. Listening to the radio, albeit nauseating, can be productive if you know what you are listening to. I treat video the same way I treat audio, they both have a rhythm; "music is the space between the notes" the same could be said of the visual, they are both forms of movement. It is why an orchestra is led by a composer. I am very hesitant to say I am anything but an editor.

My remaining curiosities are perhaps a bit more shallow - do you ever intend to make another "feature-length movie" akin to Scythe, or a series similar to Firmaments? And, if you are willing to answer, what VPN/proxy do you recommend?

Not sure, my "feature-length movie" is somewhat representative of the NOBODY™ franchise, it will slowly evolve and morph over time. I might make another series of some sort, would have think of another format though. I'll abstain from advertising, but online anonymity; although haplessly transparent past a certain level, is best kept through whatever disinformation that can be afforded. Best to seed it as early as possible, and, you can be anyone online with an ego in submission.

Lastly, do you foresee any significant changes to your website in the future? I remember the older variation of nobodytm.com and I certainly never expected a chat to be implemented, so I'm not sure what to expect next. Feel free to take that as a general inquiry about your site.

Facebook, Twitter, Paypal integration... In all honesty, I'm not too sure. I don't think I would push it too far, the identity of my website is a remnant, and it welcomes whomever opens its door. A portal to what is particularly hidden from the common routine; a guiding hand for the wandering and dispossessed human oddities, a grieving gesture attempting to peer into the ruling mystery. My website is an altar to espouse my perception to others and myself- through the ether(net).

I, painting from myself and to myself, Know what I do, am unmoved by men's blame Or their praise either. Somebody remarks Morello's outline there is wrongly traced, His hue mistaken; what of that? or else, Rightly traced and well ordered; what of that? Speak as they please, what does the mountain care? Ah, but a man's reach should exceed his grasp, Or what's a heaven for? All is silver-grey, Placid and perfect with my art: the worse!